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STAGE A CHANGE is a group of theatre professionals who believe that all performers, regardless of race or colour, should have the opportunity to pursue a career in the performing arts. Our goal is to create more professional performance opportunities for actors of colour throughout Australia – we are changing the faces of theatre.

Three Spoke Plan


Stage A Change will produce a training program to help secondary education students discover the arts as a career. A rotating roster of directors, acting coaches, music directors, choreographers, agents etc. will facilitate these workshop style classes and professional actors will supplement training by engaging with students. Through this elite training program, aspiring artists who have been underserved by traditional training programs can begin to learn the skills necessary to be competitive in auditions at a professional standard.

Industry Standards

We will continue to facilitate discussion and action with industry stakeholders to create ground-breaking industry standards with regard to sourcing and casting actors of colour. These efforts will also lead to more actors of colour being cast in ethnically open roles. Through open, candid discussion, we hope to help casting directors, artistic directors, producers, and creatives articulate the difficulties in ethnic casting and find solutions that result in truly authentic representations on stage.

Community Engagement

By organically engaging culturally diverse communities, over time we can develop a new audience who are excited to see their stories told onstage. The first steps are to create ongoing discussions and experiences that welcome a new audience into live theatre and the accessibility of the arts as a career. Once we remove the barriers preventing access, Stage A Change will work within under-represented communities to learn how to best serve their stories on stage.

Projects for 2018
Funding Partner
Prospective Students
2018 - 2019 INITIATIVES

Theatre students, educators and parents are invited join us for two-day festival celebrating diversity in theatre. Professionals will present workshops and master classes in acting, voice technique, dance, improvisation, film and more. Workshops for parents and Professional Development for Teachers will be presented along with a Q&A panel with theatre professionals.


This 5 week, immersive training program is designed to give access to the tools and skills necessary for a career in the performing arts. Students will train with industry leaders and be mentored by working professionals. Combining mentorship with practical skills, students will be given the tools to be competitive in a career in the arts.


University professors, industry leaders and theatre professionals will work with a selected number of students to hone in on theatre skills. With both Acting and Musical Theatre tracks, students will be able to select a focus and have a week of intensive, masterclass style sessions held on VCA's campus.

Partners and Sponsors

Funding for the 2018 programming was made possible by the Equity Innovation Grant.

Victorian College of the Arts

Stage a Change would like to thank our corporate sponsors.

Ministry of Dance

Stage A Change would not be possible without the fantastic support of the following individuals.

Scott Symes

Kim Ho

Kate MacDonald

Samuel Gaskin

Mark Pritchard

Robbie Carmellotti

Jeremy Rice

Bali Padda

Ruthi Hambling

Natalie Alexopoulos

Jay James-Moody

W Jack Dunstan

Valerie Harmon

Mick Battista

Marcos Hasiotis

Wade Kelly

Luke Maurel

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